Caught on Camera?

Are you a customer and have had an incident that you wish to share?

Or, are you a prospective customer looking to browse and learn about the benefits of having a dashcam install and look at the video quality?

We would love to hear your story on the footage captured and how having a Dashcam install has helped you, please share and upload here:

Accidents Caught on camera

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Footage from our customer of road incidents caught on camera.

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Accidents Caught on camera

Goluk parking Mode Dashcam vs Teslacam Tesla Dashcam

Read more Goluk parking Mode Dashcam vs Teslacam Tesla Dashcam

Dashcam compilation

Read more A compilation of Dashcam clips sent in from our customers showing the benefits of having a Dashcam fitted. * Professional, unobtrusive and very discrete installs. * up to 24/7 CCTV around your car * Protection from crash for cash schemes * Up to 15% discount on car insurance * High definition clear recordings * Ultra Wide 152 degrees Field of View * Number plate recognition on review * 3 x Simultaneous Multi recording modes ✔︎ Automatic separate "incident" recordings ✔︎ Parking Motion Recording (Simultaneous) ✔︎ Parking G-Sensor Recording (Simultaneous) ✔︎ Parking Time-Lapse Recording (Simultaneous) ✔︎ Local wifi hotspot for Android / iPhone app ✔︎ MicroSD card upgradeable to 400gb per camera ✔︎ View footage on Phone/pc/Mac Music: At The Screen Site:

Dashcam Compilation

Read more Dashcam Compilation

Dashcam, Dashcam compilation

Tesla Dashcam Rear End

Read more Dashcam in a Tesla Model S in an accident

Tesla Dashcam, Teslacam, Dashcam, Dashcam rear end

Rear End motorway

Read more Vehicle hit from behind on the Motorway

Audi Etron Dashcam Fitter Goluk Dashcams

Read more Goluk Front and rear Dashcam full parking and driving protection. Professionally installed using bespoke mounts.

Dashcam fitter, Dashcam installer, Audi Dashcam, Audi Dashcam fitter, Dashcam fitter near me, best dashcam 2019

Nationwide bespoke Dashcam installs

Read more Nationwide #Dashcam installs bespoke solutions #Tesla #Jaguar #Mercedes #BMW #Audi #Porsche #Bentley

Tesla Model 3 Dashcam install

Read more Tesla model 3 having a goluk system fitted. Showing comparison of cameras.

Goluk Dashcam Recording Modes

Read more Just a few of the different recording modes on the Goluk T2 T3 Dashcams

Goluk, Dashcam,, Shield-IT, Dashcam parking, Dashcam CCTV

TeslaCam Sentry mode?

Read more No, not Tesla Sentry mode, but possibly a better retrofit with fast access to footage via your phone with many extra features in every camera. #Teslacam #sentrymode #teslasentry #dashcam

Croydon Range Rover Caught on Dashcam

Read more Range Rover caught using bus lanes and trying to intimidate other road users in Croydon.

Dashcam, Croydon, RangeRover, Goluk, Roadrage

Goluk T3 Dashcam Camera footage Steel Girder Accident

Read more Luckily, no one was hurt in this clip!

Goluk, Accident, Steel Girder, Insecure load

Kia E-Niro Dashcam install

Read more Professional Dashcam install on the new Kia E-Niro EV. Dual Goluk T2 T3 high nitrate Dashcams allow parking recording, time lapse, motion detection, up to 3 video streams for each camera. Installed in Lincolnshire but we install throughout England and Wales.

Bentley Continental GT Dashcam Install

Read more Professional Dashcam install into a Bentley Continental GT in Birmingham

Dahscam, Bentley, Bentley Continental GT, Bentley Dahscam, Dashcam installer Birmingham, Birmingham Dashcam

M62 Crash / Accident caught on Dashcam Leeds

Read more M62 Accident Caught on Dashcam

Leeds Dashcam Installer, Leeds Dashcam, Accident caught on cam, Dashcam Accident, Goluk Dashcam, Goluk

#Porsche #Panamera #Dashcam install #Bristol using the best Dashcam in 2019

Read more #Porsche #Panamera #Dashcam install #Bristol Goluk Dashcam T2 T3

Tesla Model S Carbon Sill upgrade

Read more A vinyl Carbon effect sill protector upgrade for the Tesla Model S available from

Tesla Carbon, Tesla Carbon Sill, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model S sill upgrade, Tesla Model S Carbon

Ipace dashcam installer

Read more IPace dashcam installed Goluk hi bitrate cameras

ipace, dashcam, ipace dashcam

Tesla Dashcam Install

Read more We install professional Dashcam systems into Tesla, Aston Martin, JLR, Bentley, Audi, BMW and many more. All throughout England and wales.

Dashcam Teslacam Install Audi BMW Aston JLR

Range Rover SVR Professional Dashcam install Liverpool

Read more Range Rover SVR Professional Dashcam install Liverpool

Range Rover SVR, Range Rover SVR Dashcam, Range Rover Dashcam Liverpool, Liverpool Dashcam, Range Rover Dashcam Installer near me, Range Rover Dashcam installer

Ford Mustang Dashcam Goluk

Read more Ford Mustang professional Dashcam system by Shield IT Services and Goluk Dashcam UK

Goluk Dashcam, Goluk Uk, goluk dashcam uk, ford dashcam, ford mustang dashcam, manchester dashcam, manchester, best dashcam

Shield IT Dashcam & Vehicle Tech

Read more Professional Dashcam & Vehicle Tech Installer

#Fleet #Dashcams professionally installed #Dashcam #Corportate bespoke options

Read more #Goluk Dashcams installed into Commercial Fleet Vehicles

Goluk Dashcam Tesla

Read more Hi Bitrate professional Dashcam install in Tesla Model S. We specialise in BMW MERCEDES ASTON MARTIN BENTLEY AUDIO Dashcam installs around Sheffield Manchester Birmingham Liverpool Leeds London Newcastle

Goluk T3 Vs Blackvue 900s 4K Rear Camera - dashcam comparison

Read more Both the Rear Goluk and Blackvue 900s cameras are 1080p.

Goluk, Blackvue, T3, Goluk Dashcam, Blackvue Dashcam, Blackvue 4k, Comparison, 4k, 4k Dashcam

Goluk Dashcam Powermount

Read more The Goluk Powermount accessory enables you to use your existing Goluk T1 T2 or T3 Dashcam on any other vehicle such as a motorcycle, cycle or on your person. Gives up to 90 minutes of totally wireless recording power and you can easily swap the internal batteries to extend that use. Utilise your existing Goluk Cameras with this smart powerbank mount and record wirefree! Simply slot your Goluk T1, T2 or T3 into this smart powerbank and it will power your Goluk camera for around 90 to 120minutes. The Powerbank comes with a removable lithium battery - AHDBT-401 (1200mah) the same battery in some GoPro Cameras. You can use standard GoPro fixings to install this battery mount to your mountain bike motorbike use it in the garage mounted to a tree, anything for that matter! It will provide power to the goluk camera and enable recording and parking / motion security mode. Model: BP-1 Charging time: Approximately 2 hours Standby time: Approximately 90 minutes Input: 5V 1A Dimension: 45×48×43mm

Tesla Dashcam

Read more #Tesla #ModelX professional #Dashcam install #London #Marlow #Luton #Basingstoke

Tesla Dashcam

Read more #Tesla #ModelX AP2.5 enhanced Goluk #Dashcam & Tesla accessory install #Birmingham

Shield IT Multi Dashcam Install Goluk T1 T2 T3

Read more The beauty of modular Dashcam's like the Goluk T-Series allows for a multi config option to cover your vehicle. This includes parking mode motion detection. G Sensor, Urgent Mode, remote control

Dashcam, Side cam, Multi Dashcam, Goluk, Dashcam Installer, Parking mode

Tesla Dashcam Install

Read more Tesla Model S Dashcam Install & Carbon Sills with Retina LED upgrades

Tesla, Model S, Tesla Model S, Tesla Dashcam, Dashcam, Carbon sill, LED

Hyundai Kona Professional Dashcam install

Read more We install at your location Professional Dashcam with discrete installation London Birmingham Leicester Liverpool Manchester Leeds Newcastle Bristol

Dashcam, Kona, Kona Dashcam, Best Kona Dashcam, London Dashcam, Leicester Dashcam, Leeds Dashcam, Manchester Dashcam, Birimgham Dashcam

Radio Guy & EV Expert Mark Goodier talks about the Tornado Wireless Fast Qi Charging Dock

Read more Radio Guy & EV Expert Mark Goodier talks about the Tornado Wireless Fast Qi Charging Dock more inför at

Mark Goodier, #Fast Charger, Wireless Qi Charger, Best Qi Charger, Tesla Qi Charger, BMW Qi Charger, Mercedes Qi Charger, Office Qi Charger

GOLUK Dashcam Timelapse Video

Read more Dashcam Timelapse mode

Dashcam, Timelapse, Goluk, Goluk Timelaps, Goluk Dashcam, Shield-IT, Shield IT

Dashcam Timelapse Goluk Malaysia Shield-IT

Read more taken with the Goluk T1 Dashcam Digital Witness

Dashcam, timelapse, digital witness, Goluk, Shield-IT, Parkinig Mode

Tesla Model S Dashcam install

Read more Tesla Dashcams Tesla Carbon Sill Protection Tesla Ultra Bright Courtesy LED upgrades Tesla Logo Puddle Lights

Tesla Dashcam, Tesla Logo Lights, Tesla Carbon, Tesla LED, Tesla LED Upgrade, Tesla

Dashcam footage

Read more Goluk T1 Dashcam accident footage

Goluk, Dashcam, crash, footage, hardwire

Goluk Dashcam Firmware Update - TimeLapse

Read more Goluk Dashcam Firmware 1.7 for T2 T1 that adds a great Time Lapse feature along with turning off "beep" alerts whilst parked.

Guides, Goluk, Dashcam, Firmware, T2, T1

9 June 2018

Read more Goluk T3 actual #Dashcam footage #FremontStreet #LasVegas

Goluk T3 Dashcam footage at Las Vegas Stratosphere

Read more 4K or not 4K? True 1080p with high bitrate recording returns stunning visuals as seen here in Las Vegas at the Stratosphere. Portable goluk battery mount enables video capture anytime anywhere with a fast app and Wi-fi you’re sharing moments in minutes!

24 May 2018

Read more #Goluk #Dashcam install in a #Tesla #ModelX

Virtus Fleet Dashcam

Read more


Read more

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