Ultra Bright Retina LED Tesla Light Upgrade Service

Shield Retina LEDS


Tesla Model S, X and Model 3 LED light upgrade service.

You send us your genuine Tesla Courtesy Lights and we upgrade them and then return them to you.


  1. Simply choose the number of lights you require upgrading and remove them from your Tesla using a flat headed screwdriver.
  2. Post the same number of lights to us (tracking recommended) with a note inside confirming your address to: Shield IT Services, 60 King Edward St, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, DN16 1LZ.
  3. Once recieved, we upgrade your lights with new 9 array ultra bright LED matrixes (per light).
  4. We then return your upgraded lights back to you.
  5. Once recieved, we aim to turnaround upgrades within 5 working days.


✔︎ Super Bright (brighter than other makes)

✔︎ Long-lasting

✔︎ Low power consumption

✔︎ 9 x LED drivers

✔︎ Unique only to Shield IT, these are not cheap mass produced imports, they are assembled by hand in the UK


These are a direct replacement for the stock Tesla lights and look the same..... apart from their brightness.

You have a stunning EV but when you open the door, the standard lights really have no brightness at all (you may not even be aware that you have courtesy lights they are that dim!)


These LED upgrades are unique to Shield IT and not sold elsewhere.

Customers have even seen Abstract Ocean brighter LEDS side by side with ours and commented that ours are not only brighter but they have a much nicer diffused light as oppose to a direct beam like the ones from Abstract Ocean.


These are original Tesla housings and are a direct replacement to your existing Tesla LED's. 

Simple to install, simply use a flat headed screwdriver to pop off the old lights and unclip the power lead. Then insert the new led and connect, then click back into place.


You can upgrade a few or all lights.


Model S - Total of 13:

Door x 2

Door x 2

Frunk x 1

Glovebox x 1

Front footwell x 2

Rear footwell x 2

Boot lights x 3


Model X - Total of 11:

Fron Door x 2

Frunk x 2

Glovebox x 1

Front footwell x 2

Rear footwell x 2

Boot lights x 2


Model 3 - Total of 9:

Front Door x 2

Rear Door x 2

Glovebox x 1

Front footwell x 2

Boot lights x 2

Light color: Pure White (6000K-7000K)
Lumen: 260lm
Lifespan: 50000 hours


These carry a 12 month warranty.

Ultra Bright Retina LED Tesla Light Upgrade Service

Led pack option
  • The Ultra bright LED upgrades are available as an add-on purchase when having Dashcameras installed.

    The prices quoted below are fully installed and requires the use of existing LED housings.


    3 x Lights = £36



    9 x Lights = £72

    11 x Lights = £80

    13 x Lights = £94


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