Enjoy Parking Mode for Extended Periods of Time
Keep your Car’s Battery Safe from Discharge

The high capacity of the Power Magic Ultra Battery (6000 mAh) makes it ideal for long Parking Mode sessions. 

It charges fast, powers your dashcam for longer, and comes with a free Bluetooth app to manage battery status and settings.


Connect it the way you want

Hardwired or connected to a cigarette lighter power socket.

The Power Magic Ultra Battery can be simply connected to a cigarette lighter socket: it will then take about 80 minutes to reach a full charge when ignition is on.

It can also be hardwired to your vehicle’s battery via the fuse box. In this case, it will charge in under 40 minutes.

NOTE: make sure to toggle the switch at the back of the battery to match your installation (Cigarette or Hardwired).


Check battery status with the free Battery Manager app

The Power Magic Ultra Battery can communicate with the Battery Manager app via Bluetooth. 
Check easily information like remaining capacity or time to full charge. 


Hours of Use : 

  • Blackvue Single camera: Approximately 28 hours 
  • Goluk Single Camera: Approximately 39 hours 
  • Goluk Dual Camera: Approximately 21 hours 


The battery full recharges from 0% to 100% in 40 minutes (whilst vehicle ignition is on)

Power Magic PRO B-124 Ultra Parking Mode Battery

  • Model Power Magic Ultra Battery B-124
    Color / Size / Weight Black / 157 mm (W) x 171 mm (L) x 39.5 mm (H) / 1.4 kg
    Battery Cell Type LiFePo4
    Input Voltage / Current Cigarette lighter plug: 12 V–17 V / 6.5 A (max)


    Hardwired: 12 V–17 V / 13.5 A (max)

    Charging Voltage / Current Cigarette lighter plug: 14.6 V / 5 A


    Hardwired: 14.6 V / 9 A

    Charging Time Cigarette lighter plug (standard 5 A charging): Approx. 80 mins


    Hardwired (rapid 9 A charging): Approx. 40 mins

    Hours of Use Up to 28 hours (based on a single dashcam that consumes 3 Wh)
    Operating Temperature Charging Temperature: 0 °C − 45 °C (32 °F − 113 °F)
    Discharging Temperature: -10 °C − 60 °C (14 °F − 140 °F)
    Storage Temperature: -10 °C − 35 °C (14 °F − 95 °F)
    High Temperature Cut-Off Approx. 80 °C (176 °F)
    Capacity 12.8 V / 6,000 mAh / 76.8 Wh
    Output Voltage / Current 11 V–14.5 V / 2 A (max)


    Configurable for Goluk & Blackvue Dashcams

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