OBD to Cigarette adaptor

Use this adaptor to supply a permanent 12 volt live feed to a cigarrette socket output even when your vehicle is turned off. Comes with a fitted switch to turn the output off.


This is rated up to 10 amps but you shouldnt exceed 5 amps otherwise you may blow your OBD socket fuse.

Great for supplying a permanent feed for Dashcam's, MiFi hotspots and mobile phone USB chargers.


*please note, if you leave an item powered on this may drain your 12 volt vehicle battery if you do not keep it charged up by using on a daily basis*


Some Electric vehicles can use this without problem due to their 12 volt auxilary battery being charged either by the vehicles onboard charger or charged whilst your vehicle is being charged.



OBD to Cigarette adaptor

USB plug
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