• [Built-in Lithium Battery] B300C built-in high capacity lithium battery provides long backup time for single device during power failure. The 7800MAH power bank can store and deliver power efficiently.

  • [Plug and Play] without switch control, supports plug and play. No need for another device or installation. 

  • [High Performance] Mini UPS can power a Router / Switch / Dashcam etc more than 5 hours of operation during power failure (depending on device consumption). Dual 12VDC output and 5 volts USB output.

  • [Unique Appearance Design] LED light,monitor, supply power for all kinds of 12V 2A DC equipment. If flashing red light, UPS is charging; if solid green light, UPS is fully charged.

  • [Safety and Portable] Protection from over-charging, discharging, and short circuit provided by smart integrated circuit control. Output port for multiple devices with different or same voltage.

  • [Mobile Power] Use as a mobile 12 volt or 5 volt psu, great for charging your mobile / Camera / Led Light, Goluk Dashcam, 5volt Dashcam etc


  • [Daisy Chain] Units can be daisy chained together to give longer power supply in power outage

  • Requires 12 volt DC power supply (1amp) (not included)


Mini UPS Power Charger 7800MAH DC Power Bank Portable 12V 5V

  • Model Number: BC300
    Input Voltage Range: 12.6-14VDC
    Out Port: DC / USB Port
    Battery Output Voltage: 12V / 5V
    Battery Output Current: 2.5A Max / 2A Max
    Battery Capacity: 7800mah
    Charging Time: 8 hours
    Color: White
    Cable Length: Approx. 26cm / 10.23in
    Item size: Approx. 12.5 * 6.6 * 2cm / 4.92 * 2.59 * 0.79in
    Item weight: Approx. 225.8g / 7.96oz
    Package size: Approx. 15 * 13.5 * 4.5cm / 5.90 * 5.31 * 1.77in
    Package weight: Approx. 329.0g / 11.60oz
    Package List:
    1 * UPS Power pack
    1 * daisy chain cable
    1 * User Manual


    Requires PSU Charger (12volt 1amp) (not included)

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