Cobra JumPack XL 12000 Jump Start & Powerbank


A great cost effective addition to your boot, should your 12 volt battery experience a fault and you are unable to start your car.

This is also great for EV's - Electric Vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf that rely's on the 12 volt aux battery being ok, despite you having sufficient charge in your car main lithium battery. If the 12 volt battery has an issue, you will not be able to start your EV.


The Cobra JumPack XL allows you to restart an engine or charge a device with ease. It is ideal in an emergency and is compatible with many vehicles, including diesel and petrol vans and light-goods vehicles, and even EV 12 volt aux batteries (Electric vehicles)* . Also can fast charge electronics devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and digital cameras.


There are two functions offering different re-charging methods:

  • 12V DC vehicle charger
  • 240V AC mains charger


What’s in the box?

Jump pack (model XL)
Jump leads x 2
In-vehicle charger
Soft carry case



Simple to use
The Cobra JumPack XL clearly indicates when the device is ready to use via LED lights:

  • Green shows it is ready to use
  • Yellow shows it is powering up
  • Red indicates there is a problem


Built-in torch
The high-powered torch with SOS and strobe functions means you can operate the jump pack in the dark and signal for help in emergencies.


*please note on EV's this device will not recharge your main lithium pack, it will jumpstart your 12 volt aux battery only.

Cobra JumPack XL 12000 Jump Start & Powerbank

  • Colour

    Black & Grey


    165mm x 78mm x 32.5mm




    11,100mAh lithium battery
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