OBD to Blackvue Power Pro Cable

OBD to Blackvue Dashcam


OBD Power pro cable allows you to connect your Blackvue Dashcam directly to the vehicles OBD port to power the Dashcam and take advantage of Parking Mode with your Blackvue Dashcam.

The Power Pro monitors your vehicles voltage and should this drop below 12 volts the blackvue Dashcam will automatically power off.



OBD Power Pro Cable Extra Info 
• Length: 3.5m 
• Easy installation, connects to vehicle’s OBD II port 
• Parking and Standard modes 
• Battery discharge protection 
• Compatible with BlackVue DR750S, DR900S, DR590W, DR590, DR650S, DR490, DR470, DR450 and DR430 models 

1. Plug in the Connecta OBD power plug 
2. If it does not power up the Camera turn the ignition on 
3. Start the vehicle and run it for 10 seconds 
4. The camera will now power up 
5. Cycle the ignition and the camera should power up again 

**The Connecta has just been programmed to monitor the voltages of the vehicle through the OBD*** 


Great for those that wish to fit their own Dashcam and hide the wires in minutes.

No need to worry about hardwiring in to the fusebox, just DIY and plug straight in with this kit!

OBD to Blackvue Power Pro Cable

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