Tesla Model S - Goluk Twin Dashcam Install - North London

Tesla Model S 90D.

A Goluk T1 was installed into the front of this Tesla Model S 90D with a wider view angle and a Goluk T3 installed into the rear, completely hiding the wiring by following the Tesla's original loom in existing conduits.

The Front T1 camera assembly was modified to allow an OEM look by mounting it to the Tesla Model S's cowl directly behind the rear view mirror.

This negated any sticky pads being placed on the windscreen. The Goluk is attached using an M3 bolt and cushioned with hidden 3m tape to existing holes in the cowl so no modification was needed on the Tesla and the installation can be removed without a trace when required.

A similar install was done on the rear T3 camera by mounting it on the underside of the rear window trim so again no unsightly sticky tape can be seen.

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