Goluk T3 - Dashcam Install Tesla Model S

This vehicle didn't require the gps/speed recording however wanted the best possible picture quality and parking security to detect people near the vehicle and also detect if the vehicle had been hit whilst parked.

A Goluk T3 hard wired stealth solution was installed into a Tesla Model S. Includes a remote "action" button to capture 12 seconds of video and also parking motion tracking/detection and "knock" sensors built into the unit.

The Goluk T3 camera records excellent 1080p footage with a high recording bit rate resulting in higher quality video footage when you really need to count on detail.

Due to the Tesla being Electric, battery monitoring was not required and can benefit from video recording whilst parked.

This also added to the home security CCTV system and is effectively a "fifth camera" that monitors the home and front door.

No visible wires resulting in a great cost effective solution!

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