Fleet Dashcam Solutions

For company fleets, we have a secure corporate solution that gives multiple benefits to both the company and the fleet driver.

Accident/Event Retention

Driver Analysis

Live Streaming

Software Encryption

Fleet Dashcam Systems

Fleet cameras allow consistent quality with greater recording retention length.

The secure blackbox devices are very important factors for commercial fleet managers.

Allowing peace of mind for drivers, customers and fleet managers.


Cars / Taxis



Waste Trucks



Titan 1 black box recording system is a feature-filled recording device that could play a major part in any fleet’s safety element. Tamperproof hardware, encrypted recording and password protected viewing software make the Titan I a robust addition to the commercial market. 

Featuring full HD 165° angle recordings at 30fps, including a zoom function, purpose designed Format Free Technology, Independent G-sensor sensitivity controls and battery protection, compatible with both 12v & 24v vehicles make Titan 1 a sensible purchase.


Titan 2 is almost identical to the Titan 1, containing all the safety, reliability and feature filled design but with the added benefit of having the option of using a secondary camera. 

Examples are Internal, external, side/reverse, driver facing IR/Non-IR, heavy duty – Titan 2 comes with a alarm trigger output compatible with almost any 3rd party hardware that can be utilised alongside the main Titan 2, such as alerting via most telamatics devices installed. This makes the unit an adaptable and functional commercial system.

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